Ochsner Health Plan encourages Medicare beneficiaries to review coverage and compare benefits

REVISED: 2023 AEP Copy Platform/Article/Press Release – August 30, 2022

 As the 2023 Annual Enrollment Period nears, Ochsner Health Plan encourages Medicare beneficiaries to review coverage and compare benefits.

Medicare beneficiaries may enroll in or switch plans from October 15th – December 7th

Ochsner Health Plan (OHP), the only Medicare Advantage plan sponsored by and fully integrated with Ochsner Health encourages Medicare beneficiaries to review their coverage and compare benefits as the 2023 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) nears. The 2023 AEP runs from October 15, 2022, thru December 7, 2022.

“If you are eligible for Medicare and live in the Greater New Orleans or Greater Baton Rouge areas, we offer a Medicare Advantage plan that’s fully integrated with Louisiana’s premier health system,” said Jeffrey Fernandez, CEO, Ochsner Health Plan. “With OHP, members get the hospital care and medical services they expect from Ochsner Health, as well as affordable prescription drug coverage, dental, hearing aids, eyewear benefits and more — all in one locally-owned and operated health plan.”

Beginning on October 15th, many Louisiana residents eligible for Medicare will again have the chance to enroll in Medicare Advantage benefit plans offered by OHP — this time for the 2023 plan year. Premiums and copays will continue to start at $0 and include a wide range of cost-saving features and wellness programs not available with original Medicare, such as prescription drug coverage, fitness, dental, hearing and vision.

“I’m not going to go to any other medical institution for care. I trust Ochsner. They take care of everything,” said OHP member Sal Randazzo. “I was recently in the hospital for a week and all I had to pay was a very little co-pay. It’s a good plan.” Sal’s barber shop is located on the first floor of Ochsner Health’s main campus on Jefferson Hwy, where he’s been cutting hair for 43 years.

Ochsner Health Plan offers benefit options to help members get the right coverage that fits their lifestyle and budget. OHP’s Freedom (HMO POS) option even allows members to receive some services from providers outside of the contracted provider network — at Medicare-level coverage.

“Ochsner Health Plan is special because of Ochsner’s reputation not only in the community but worldwide,” said member Christie Trew. “Your healthcare is important. Take time to review your options of Medicare Advantage plans and consider that only one plan carries the Ochsner Health name and reputation.” Recently retired, Christie ran Ochsner Health’s Golden Opportunities senior program for over 22 years.

Ochsner Health Plan’s coverage area includes 12 civil parishes: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Jefferson, Lafourche, Livingston, Orleans, St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, St. Tammany, and West Baton Rouge.

“We have used all Ochsner physicians for many years, so a Medicare plan that is geared towards working with these physicians made enormous sense to us,” said member Lisa Schuler. She and her husband, Malcolm, joined Ochsner Health Plan during the 2022 AEP. Prior to their retirement, Lisa served as a physical therapist and a certified wound specialist and Malcolm was a Doctor of Pharmacy, clinical pharmacist.

With OHP, doctors, specialists, and the health plan all work together right here in Louisiana – and members are covered for emergency and urgent care anywhere in the world.

“We love the staff friendliness and professionalism, the excellent doctors, and the inexpensive copays which are the best,” said Art Lyons. He and his wife, Kathy, joined Ochsner Health Plan during the 2022 Annual Enrollment Period. They live on the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain and participate in a weekly bowling league.

Christi and Art serve on Ochsner Health Plan’s Member Advisory Team. OHP developed the team to gather regular input for continuous quality improvement from a member’s perspective. The Member Advisory Team meets quarterly with OHP leadership to discuss what’s working and to provide suggestions that might enhance their future member experience.

A health plan fully integrated with Ochsner Health and the needs of members…

Ochsner knows Louisiana and understand the unique lifestyles and health challenges of our communities and Ochsner Health Plan members. Good health is essential, and for those of us living in Louisiana, staying well can often pose a challenge. It’s important to find a Medicare Advantage plan that understands your needs, concerns, and supports your health, lifestyle, and budget.

“Free access to the Ochsner Fitness Centers is my favorite benefit of being an Ochsner Health Plan member — outside of all of my physicians being in the network,” said member Debbie Keel. “Thanks to Ochsner Health Plan, I find it easy to stay healthy. Ochsner Health Plan makes me feel like I get the most out of my Medicare coverage.”

A native of New Orleans, Debbie served in healthcare leadership positions throughout her 32-year career, much of it as a hospital CEO or CFO. However, retirement could not slow Debbie down. She now teaches adult swim lessons in her home pool in Lakeview, volunteers on the OHP Member Advisory Team and serves as an adjunct professor to graduate students at Tulane.

Ochsner Health Plan is committed to working directly with Ochsner Health to improve the health and lives of members. OHP works collaboratively with participating providers to make a healthy difference for its members by offering preventive care resources and health management services that are fully integrated with Ochsner Health’s virtual and in-person programs for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and complex conditions that remain highly prevalent in Louisiana—like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, obesity, and nicotine addiction.

“I just like the way it’s (Ochsner Medical Center, Jefferson Hwy) situated all in one place with the main campus and primary care center right across the street. It’s very convenient to us,” said member Lloyd Crochet. “We just drive down River Road.”

Residents of Harahan, Lloyd and his wife Marie switched to OHP during the 2022 AEP. Both participate on OHP’s Member Advisory Team. They enjoy travelling across the country in the campervan that Lloyd bought after retirement and appreciate the health plan’s worldwide emergency and urgent care benefit.

More reasons to choose Ochsner Health Plan…

Ochsner Health Plan works with Ochsner Health’s mission to reduce barriers to healthcare and to invest in the health of Louisiana communities. With that in mind, OHP provides a full complement of competitively-priced benefits – all backed by the quality and innovation that patients expect from Louisiana’s leading healthcare provider.

“After two knee replacements in the last five months and various health maintenance items my high expectations of Ochsner treating physicians and staff have been more than fulfilled,” said member Bob Pool. An avid golfer, Bob enrolled in OHP during Medicare’s 2022 AEP. Bob also serves on the OHP Member Advisory Team.

Remember, it’s important to review and compare Medicare Advantage benefits every year.

If you are Medicare eligible, it’s important to review your coverage each year in October when all insurance companies introduce their new plan benefits for the next year. Compare your coverage to an Ochsner Health Plan and the benefits comparison may surprise you.

“Since enrolling in the Ochsner Medicare Advantage plan, I have not received a bill from any of my providers and my medications are of minimal cost,” said member Vicki Bostick. A licensed practical nurse (LPN), Vicki lives in the Destrehan area of Louisiana that was rocked by Hurricane Ida in 2021.

Ochsner Health Plan’s licensed representatives will be providing FREE informational meetings beginning August 30th and throughout the 2023 Annual Enrollment Period. If you are eligible for Medicare and would like to learn more about Medicare Advantage and OHP, look for details on an informational meeting near you. The meetings will take place at Ochsner Medical Center’s Main Campus on Jefferson Hwy; Ochsner Health Center and Ochsner Medical Complex in Baton Rouge; and at the new Ochsner 65 Plus locations in Covington and Baton Rouge.

In addition, Medicare provides an online platform on their website, Medicare.gov, that allows those eligible to compare the benefits of Medicare Advantage plans offered in their area.

Follow news, updates, and health tips from Ochsner Health Plan on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. For additional information, visit www.ochsnerhealthplan.com. If you would like a licensed agent to follow up with you about OHP benefits and enrollment contact: OHPINFO@ochsner.org or call 1-855-431-3543.

Find out for yourself what Ochsner Health Plan members like Lloyd are excited about.

“Well, if you like a great hospital to go to, great doctors, with minimum cost, that’s the Ochsner Health Plan… and that’s why I chose it,” said Lloyd Crochet. In the Spring of 2022, Lloyd hiked over 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail. He’s now taking advantage of his free membership in Ochsner Fitness Center to train for a 60-mile hiking adventure in the Spring of 2023. 

Ochsner Health Plan, Inc. is a Medicare Advantage company with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Ochsner Health Plan depends upon contract renewal.


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